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Singing Bowls - A Natural Healing Tool
8 months ago


Singing Bowls is large musical bowls with a rim slightly larger than the bowl. In addition to containing the music, these bowls may also have other ornamental features, such as ornately shaped leaves or floral patterns on their roofs. The term "singing bowl" is generally used to describe any type of musical bowl, but the most common musical bowl used today is a round one-litre plastic bowl, often decorated with flowers, foliage and vines. Some bowls are made from metal or wooden frames, which may be painted in beautiful colours.


To produce music from singing bowls the music must be sung out loud. Obviously this is very difficult if the person attempting to sing is unable to hear the music clearly. A standing bell or hanging bell is another method of producing sound from singing bowls, this time supported by a thin rim. These bells usually come in a range of diameters, from some centimetres to about a meter in diameter, and are typically quite bowl-shaped. Go to this website SilverSkyImports.com to find out more.


The bowls vibrate due to the action of water on the surface of the thin outer rim. The action of water on the bowl's surface produces sound, which can be either resonate (of high pitch) or resonate naturally (of low pitch). This process happens as long as the water remains in the bowl and the rim is not removed. Ordinary glass singing bowls, which are completely sealed, cannot produce any waves. They do, however, provide a medium for the easy transmission of waves from one part of the brain to another, via the auditory nerve.


It has long been known that listening to music can help heal the body. This is because certain types of music have been shown to affect the brain's frequencies, inducing what is called a "brainwave synchronization". During brainwave synchronization, theta brainwave frequencies are induced, and this has been found to promote an overall sense of well being and tranquility. So it stands to reason that by playing a singing bowl, you could induce theta brainwaves and thereby improve your own mental well being.


Of course, it should be noted that singing bowls are never used as a form of torture, nor to cause injury or pain. The Tibetan tradition makes this clear, as do numerous scientific studies. However, it has been found that bowls, particularly the larger ones, can aid in the relaxation and restoration of many conditions, including: stress, migraines, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, respiratory problems, as well as many other conditions.


It is therefore no surprise that Tibetan and Western cultures alike use singing bowls to promote relaxation, promote a healthy nervous system, increase healing and promote general well being. Research on the healing powers of sound has found that white noise can have a beneficial effect on the brain and the body, especially in the areas of improving mood, reducing anxiety and stress, improving sleep, reducing pain, and promoting general well being. It seems that our very own natural healing properties, long known by the Tibetan people, the Chinese, and the Indians, can be found in everyday objects, such as our very own singing bowls. So next time you want to ease your stress, or just relax for a few minutes, consider trying a bowl of water with a gently strummed whistle, or maybe try placing one of the Tibetan bells inside. You can buy the best singing bowls at any trusted online stores like Silver Sky Imports!


Read additional details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standing_bell

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